Limone, Italy

31 Mar
Il porto turistico di Limone sul Garda

Image by rosa-amato via Flickr

I so can’t wait to get over to Limone on Laco sul Garda!! It’s a beautiful peaceful little town built up on the cliffside at the northwest tip of Laco di Garda in northern Italy.  This will be my own spiritual retreat, we all need one of those every so often. I have visited Garda before staying at Sirmione, at Hotel Olivie.  Also a wonderful but more touristy port of the lake.

In Limone I will be staying at the Limonaia Hotel, in a lovely apartment nestled among the olive trees. Limonaia is a large hotel resort sitting in a panoramic spot in the midst of a 60 000 m² olive groves and parks. It was designed to respect the environment and architecture of the existing lemon groves. The lemons in this region are huuuge and tart like you have never tasted. Henceforth the fantastic limoncella!! I plan on bringing back a couple of bottles. The rest of my time will be spent writing, reading eating and sleeping.  😉 They have a great fitness and spa facility, with additional exercise coming from climbing up and down the cliffside to get into town for some delicious and unsurpassed Italian food.  I’m already hungry for some fresh seafood and pasta, intensely flavoured fruit and vegetables and un buono cafe every single day. This life is truly close to heaven.



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