Rex Murphy – Five Simple Rules

4 Apr
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Rex Murphy, known for his sometimes acerbic rants has on occasion had me in complete agreement. His rant last week entitled Five Simple Rules was so brilliant in it’s focus and instruction to our Canadian politicians during the election right now, that I was standing and applauding when he was done.

I am so tired of seeing my tax dollars go down the toilet – going to all of these yahoos who so far have displayed immature sandbox behaviours. “Its the other guy who is evil, he did it, he did it!” slinging mud at each other and getting absolutely nowhere. I am completely nauseated by what has replaced intelligent discourse. Not one concentrates on their own party, presenting plans of actions to tackle our woes as a society. Stop telling me to be afraid to vote for the other guy and start telling me why I should vote for you!!!

We’ve had too many elections and have not moved any further. As a citizen who pays high enough taxes, I’d like to see all the politicos actually working. Unfortunately this minority government has not learned to work together. And really that’s all I want them to do. Contrary to what Harper is harping on lately, it is constitutional, legal and what the public- who pays your salaries- want. Play nice, work together to find solutions and let’s get on with it already!!!

Now if only any of our politicians would listen!!

Watch Rex Murphy’s Five Simple Rules here.

CBC News – The National – Rex Murphy – Five Simple Rules.


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