The New Cool – Thank God for Neal Bascomb

17 Apr

Neal Bascomb, has the right idea. He is an innovative thinker and what he is doing can change our youth’s future. He is redefining “cool” for the kids to get them interested in science and maths again. It has become very disturbing and concerning to me that our youth is focused on the wrong things. We are making them consumers above all, and giving them false hopes of superstardom without any real backing up of education or serious future plans.

Let’s be real, for ourselves, our future and our children’s future. Not everyone is going to be Lady Gaga. The many doe-eyed singers on American Idol auditions is proof enough that even when industry professionals cringe at hearing their voice, these young people have been so fooled and mislead by their own parents, that they refuse to believe they sound terrible, and defiantly say they will go on and continue their talent!??

I’m not saying a child shouldn’t be pushed to have aspirations, quite the contrary. The world is full of things to be invented and projects to be accomplished. Why can’t they be in science, technology and innovation? If we continue to allow these things to be uncool in our children’s mind then our future world will be filled with adults who had no other educational safety net as they kept chasing their “talents” in entertainment, and end up sour, disillusioned adults who have no real skill or abilities to offer the world.

Growing up wanting to be a lawyer, a scientist, an astronaut, an archeologist, or a doctor was cool in my youth. And more importantly, it was encouraged to have such dreams in society. Each one of us is a teacher and an example to the young. Let’s celebrate our professionals as “talented” people also. Hopefully we can set an example to the young, that all these other amazing and exciting professions are super cool too!!

See some of Neal Bascomb’s videos and thoughts here:

Click for video


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