Marlene Harris, Jeweller with Passion!

5 May

White and Red Gold w/Diamond Clusters and Engraved White Gold

I have never met Marlene Harris, yet she stays in my mind as an inspiration for creativity and longevity and will leave a mark on my finger forever. I found her while researching wedding bands for my wedding last year. I was tired of looking in stores and not really finding anything unique with a vintage feel. Then I stumbled upon her website and saw something that took my breath away. It was so lovely my now husband had said even if you don’t use it as your wedding band buy it anyways as it’s just too beautiful to pass up.

Feeling a little nervous about buying our bands online (even though I buy most things online) I gave her a call. She is a 74 year old woman, who still sells antique rings from estates sales, but also designs her own rings. Marlene has been designing antique jewelry for 40 years. She works 6 days a week out of her shop in Pittsburgh. We had a lovely conversation and she also gave me pointers for my own online business. Her attitude is so positive and forward, that I was surprised when she told me she was 74! She assured me that she would make our rings herself and would ensure everything was appraised, shipped and tracked and would be duty free. And it was.

I spoke with her today and yes she still remembers me and my rings, even though she gets orders from all over the world. She wasn’t interested in giving me a photo of herself, but provided some samples of her work. Yes she is on twitter and facebook too, and has a full and comprehensive website. She is such a lovely person, pure of spirit, kind and helpful through and through. I hope that when I am 74 I am still creating and living my dream out to the fullest just like Marlene.

Quote from Marlene: It is my firm belief that jewelry leaves a stamp of individuality. I have won numerous awards as an artist and I love adding my personal and unique touch to the jewelry

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ~ Confucius

Click Marlene to visit her.


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