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The C.N.E!

5 Sep

The Classic Swings

The Canadian National Exhibition. A marker and memory maker for most of our childhoods. You know when it opens that summer’s end is near. Attending the very last day of the Ex, you go on every ride possible, eat as much cotton candy and candy apples that you can, begging your parents to play one more carnival game in the hope they can bag the big prize to take home. ‘Cause when it’s done, and that last ride comes to a stop, you know that summer is truly over and the next day you will have to drag your sleepy tired butt out of bed to go to the first day of school.

Once I became a young adult, I would still visit, as I worked nearby and there’s nothing better than letting off steam with a group of friends, having  a few drinks then enjoying the rides and trying our sloppy hands at the games. It was an adult fun of discovering different foods in the food building (back in the day when there was something from every country), and shopping in the international building that offered booths of handicrafts from all over the world.

Sometime after that, I didn’t go anymore. Through my late 20s and early thirties the appeal was gone, things were the same and held no fresh enticement. Then my niece became old enough to really enjoy the fairgrounds and now here I am again, back to looking forward to the CNE each year with anticipation, creating special memories between my niece and I. There are new attractions like the wave rider, a fast moving wave pool designed to challenge and teach you surfing skills. The old stalwarts are still there, carnies yelling out to come win with them, cotton candy, candy apples, human cannonballs, and of course those very same rides I myself rode as a kid, the Zipper, the Scrambler, the Waterlogger and my favourite the Polar Express. If I look closely I could swear they are the same carnies as well!! Now each year I see the wonder and fun in my niece’s eyes and know I am helping to create her own nostalgia for the place.

Today is the last day of the CNE. I won’t enjoy the fairgrounds but will go and see the air show that performs every last weekend of the CNE. I guess summer really is coming to a close and tomorrow I’ll have to wake up and drag my tired older butt to work!!!

Polar Express     


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