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The Spritz! Summer’s great thirst quencher!!

28 Jul
 a bottle of Aperol

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On my last trip to Limone, Italy in May, we discovered a fabulous summer drink that left us refreshed among the hot sweaty tourist crowds. Cafe after cafe we saw people with this orange tinged drink with ice. Asking a server what it was, we were told it’s a very popular drink called “Spritz”. My husband has always enjoyed a Campari or a Martini Rossi as his pre dinner drink, I myself found them to be a little too bitter for my taste buds. But we saw so many people enjoying this drink that I took the plunge and we finally had a couple of our own.

Yes it is a bitter drink, but not so strong in bitter taste that I couldn’t enjoy it. Instead of something sweet or a martini- which can get you down the drunk road much quicker than I want sometimes- this drink was crisp, refreshing, tasty and didn’t linger on the tongue in the summer heat and humidity. Instead it was like popping under a waterfall in the middle of a hot day while exploring Limone, giving us the gas to keep going the rest of the day.

After days drinking the Spritz, I found I could also enjoy a Campari soda! Maybe the Spritz acclimatized my tongue to enjoy a bitter splash? I highly recommend you visit your liquor store to see if they carry Aperol- the orange bitter liquor from Italy.

The recipe- 2oz Aperol, 2oz Prosecco, and a splash or more- your preference- of sparkling water

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An Aperol Spritz!


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