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Marjorie is a Gem!

6 Aug

Amy Winehouse with Marjorie

Caribbean Mama Marjorie Lambert is a gem. I met Marjorie on a visit to St. Lucia in Jan 2011. I was at the Sandals Resort with my husband and we took a tour on horseback down to the beach to ride bareback on the water. It was on this beach in Cas-en-bas that Marjorie has her little shack.

After hitting the beach we went up to her bar where four older British tourists were seated at a table waiting for their meals. The plates arrived in short order and the scent of spices and chicken wafed in the air. It got our attention, as we had been craving good caribbean cooking since we got to the island and having been in the resort we had not yet experienced much authenticity in meals. We started chatting with Marjorie who has a laid back and humourous personality. She told us of how she came to St.Lucia and basically stayed on this beach til she built this little place to serve simple food. The beach was a small alcove more off the beaten track, not somewhere you’d see crowds. We said we would go and return the horses but we’d skip out on the drive back to the hotel and get a cab back for lunch. That we did.

We had a few drinks, fruit punch of Marjorie’s making and told her, when asked what we’d like for lunch, to just prepare us a typical Caribbean homecooked chicken meal. Go all out on the spices we were not afraid. 🙂 As we ate one of the best meals we had had all week, chicken, rice, greens and beans, Marjorie told us some of her stories, of being a single mom to a grown son who lives here in Canada. She likes meeting new people and being with tourists. She is comfortable with what she had.  She was a warm and genuine person with whom we felt immediately comfortable. It’s a calm and serene little place, her spot on the beach.

After our meal she arranged a cab and as we waited some of the guys hanging at the beach wanted to chat us up. They were smokers and trinket sellers. If they got too chummy with us Marjorie would come out and shoo us back in. She was watching out for us, in her own subtle way. 🙂

I was not surprised then when I saw an article on Amy Winehouse and how she had a friend in St Lucia whom she called her Caribbean Mama. It is the same Marjorie whom we met on our trip. The straight talking mother figure was a comfort to Amy while she recouped on the island. Amy stayed nearby becoming fast friends with Marjorie and the families and friends by the beach.  Her time on the island has been said to be cleansing and rehabilitating, and she would return to England refreshed. She had said she wanted to live on St. Lucia and never return. I’m sure that’s somehow because of Marjorie. I know Marjorie was very shocked and saddened by Amy’s passing. My sympathies for your loss, Marjorie. You are a good and honest woman.

So here’s a tip of the hat to you Marjorie. You are an everyday person who is inspiring in your own way. My husband and I look forward to meeting you again. This time we’ll stay  closer and visit every day for lunch!

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Marjorie's place at left- surrounded by market

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